Cat Country 96 & 107.1 in the Poconos Presents Walker Hayes at Musikfest

Walker Hayes

Monday, August 7 · view days & times
Price: $30-$79 | Steel Terrace: $214
Venue: Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza

Walker Hayes’ new song “Face in the Crowd,” available everywhere now, is a story song detailing the true love between Hayes and his number one fan – wife Laney Hayes. True to Hayes’ signature songwriting style, which Billboard praised as “personal, soul-bearing storylines; rolling rhymes; and Macklemore-like cadence,” he sings:

“When my 15 minutes ends / and the world loves me a little less / I hope you know that you’re the only one / I was trying to impress / if I sold out Bryant-Denny / made my sweet home so proud / all I ever cared about, all I ever cared about was your face in the crowd”

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Hayes’ humble southern roots and family values are put on full display in “Face in the Crowd.” With this new track he continues to share stories that reflect his personal life and experiences that millions of listeners can relate to and a way of writing that led the Washington Post to write “Hayes has broken into the mainstream by sounding different.”

Written by Hayes, with Emily Falvey and Tofer Brown, and produced by Hayes with “Fancy Like” collaborator Joe Thibodeau, and Multi-Grammy Award Winner Shane McAnally, “Face in the Crowd,” shares Hayes’ experience becoming a household name over night, after grinding for over 20 years in the music industry. Even after all that his smash hit “Fancy Like” brought him, the one thing that truly matters is the consistent support from his family. READ MORE