Small Business Spotlight

Each week, Sam and Hannah will spotlight one local small business in the Lehigh Valley that we love! Now more than ever, let’s band together to help our small business owners and favorite local shops make it through this pandemic! Send us your favorite small businesses so that we can show them love on Fridays at 8:10a on Fridays!


Wiz Kidz in Bethlehem

WIZ KIDZ is an 80’s themed restaurant on East Elizabeth and Center Streets in Bethlehem who’s cheesesteaks would put any of the famous Philly cheesesteak shops to shame.. for real. They have a bunch of specialty steaks all with 80’s inspired names, but they also have other food like I’m looking now at a picture of Garlic Parm Pierogis. I wish I could smell them through the screen because they just look delicious. I definitely think I’ll be making a trip out there this weekend!

Baristi Coffe in Allentown

We are a family business, dedicated to process 100% Colombia coffee. We have been in business since 2004, selling coffee online since 2006. We sell to consumers who prefer to drink coffee that is fair traded, freshly roasted and exquisite. In addition to it, we have acquired other fine products that are part and parcel of our product mix. These are items consumers navigating the internet search for. These include, an excellent line of tea, made of natural teas containing natural fruits and flavors, up to and included English breakfast tea and Earl Grey. We also added a premium natural black tea, and a black tea flavored to raspberry. Our product mix includes Melitta ® brand coffee cones (to make single cups of coffee or tea) paper filters. Bialetti ® brand single and double stove top espresso makers. Del Pappa ® brand 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. BAMIX ® brand submersible hand blenders for cooking preparations. Bodum ® brand French presses and coffee grinders.

Hampton Lanes in Northampton

Unfortunately the building wasn’t able to make it through the last storm so there’s now a fundraiser and raffle going on to help them pay their mortgage, utilities and employees. -the raffle begins on Monday, February 22nd.

Just Around The Corner at 5 North Bank St in Easton

Offering a fresh and unique collection of handmade gifts, with an emphasis on local artisans. Jewelry, glassware, silk scarves, paintings, pottery, ornaments, soaps & lotions, funky socks, cigar box guitars & ukuleles, baskets, turned wood, and so much more. You never know what you’ll find at Just Around The Corner.

Khanisa’s Pudding Bar in Easton on Northampton St

They’ve been open for about a year now and not only is their pudding absolutely delicious, they’ve also been taking time to do good for their community. They’re doing a free waffle day on February 21st for individuals and families in need. You can get their menu and more info on how to donate to help provide waffles for free waffle day at