Cat Country 96 & 107.1 in the Poconos Welcomes Kelsea Ballerini to Musikfest 2021

Thursday, August 12 · view days & times
Price: $29-$89 | Steel Terrace: $194
Venue: Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza

For the past five years — or more accurately, ever since she first exploded onto the country music scene with “Love Me Like You Mean It,” her 2015 chart-topping debut single — Kelsea Ballerini has moved through life at a feverish pace. “I’m programmed to be all about, ‘What’s next? What can I be better at? How can I think outside of the box?” the Grammy-nominated singer says looking back. “I think that’s always how I’ve been. Because I’m super driven. But,” Ballerini concedes, “that can make it hard to be in the moment.”

In fact, only in recent times has one of music’s most vibrant stars found the necessary breathing room to ease off the gas, return home to Tennessee, and take stock of the roller coaster ride that’s been her life this past half-decade. “And now, personally, I feel like I’m in the healthiest spot I’ve been in in a long time,” says Ballerini, who less than one year after releasing her debut LP, 2015’s The First Time, became the first new female artist to see her first three singles debut at the top of the country charts with hit songs including “Dibs” and “Peter Pan.” “I’ve been down with getting to know myself. Just mentally and emotionally,” she offers. “I’ve been able to be a better friend and a daughter and a wife. And it’s been really amazing. Because it’s really good when you have a minute to breath. And then you’re like, ‘Cool. This has been fun. Now let’s go!’” READ MORE